Weatherproof Extended Load Safety Flags


The problem of road safety when hauling building material has been around since the advent of trucks, early 1900s. Carrying long loads that were extending beyond the body of a truck by several feet became a problem. The truck was easily seen but the cargo not so easily seen. Today a small plastic flag or a red ribbon stapled to a piece of wood or tied with a knot is the norm. These would often get ripped apart or blow away in the wind. Then there was the problem of times with poor visibility; dark, rain, snow and fog. This was a common problem with contractors and the handyman. I decided to make a tool to address these issues. It would have to go beyond your traditional red safety flags. The flag would need to be big, it would need built-in lights for rear and wide loads, the lights would need to have 180 degrees visibility, completely weatherproof, and incorporate features so it can be attached to anything fast and easy. The extended load red safety flag with built-in lights was needed. The LoadGator does exactly that! 


LoadGator - Tough and Durable Extended Load Red Safety Flag

In this day and age there are so many products that have a short life span. We’ve all heard the term “this is a throw away society.” The LoadGator is not in this category. It's designed and built to last. The body is made with glass filled nylon, galvanized steel parts, the teeth are embedded in the nylon which makes them impossible to fall out and the LED lens is a poly-carbonate. It’s weatherproof and can easily withstand hot or freezing temperatures and all the rain you can throw at it. 

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