Attaching to wood is fast and easy. You can clamp it directly to anything 1½" or less.

It can be attached to any ladder or steel frames.

Screwing it to material is a great feature. Big timber, beams, logs etc. the LoadGator can be secured with piece of mind. Even when you have an odd shaped load, simply screw the LoadGator to a 2x4 or similar then attach the board to the load by whatever means you want.   

Using a bungee cord is also a quick fix especially when using material that you don't want to damage.

ABS pipes have a very hard surface therefore this plumber uses duct tape to secure the LoadGator to the ABS pipes. Someone seeing this who worked with plastic moldings with a smooth hard surface would bunch up all the moldings tied together then he would duct tape the LoadGator to the moldings, very secure!