LoadGator Basic Components

The body is made with glass filled nylon, galvanized steel parts, the teeth are part of a steel frame which is embedded in the nylon which makes them impossible to be pulled out and the LED convex lens is a poly-carbonate with 180 degrees visibility. It’s weatherproof and can easily withstand hot or freezing temperatures and all the rain you can throw at it.  


The flag is installed in seconds. This flag is 18”x 18” made with a long-lasting polyester specially designed for the LoadGator. If you accidentally lose or damage your flag, no worries, we have spare flags in our warehouse that are readily available. After using the tool there’s no need to remove the flag, just close the flag arms and store it away until it's needed again. 

Two LED colors incoorporated in each tool, RED and YELLOW, both can be steady on or flashing. A small switch inside next to the batteries changes LED colors. RED is for rear loads only. You must use YELLOW lights if you have a wide load or wide machines with the lights facing oncoming traffic. RED lights facing oncoming traffic is reserved for emergency vehicles. YELLOW lights were incorporated to deal with this issue when needed.

LED life.


The LEDs are rated at 100,000 hours and if you do the math on it that’s steady on for 4,166 days or 24/7 for about 11½ years, basically it's built to last!